A Note on the DSM-V


The APA’s extensive development process of the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is nearing its conclusion.

The last stage of the manual’s development began in late June 2012 at the end of a six-week open-comment period for health professionals, patients and families, advocates and others. Throughout the three open-comment periods, which began in 2010, we have received more than 13,000 comments and more than 12,000 emails and letters from you, our readers. This has been an unprecedented approach for any area of medicine, and your feedback has proven invaluable as the Work Groups continued to consider and refine text for DSM-5.

Because the draft diagnostic criteria posted most recently on http://www.dsm5.org are undergoing revisions and are no longer current, the specific criteria text has been removed from the website to avoid confusion or use of outdated categories and definitions. Changes to disorders and diagnostic criteria, based in part on the latest comments received, will be made through the fall.

As the 13 Work Groups finalize their proposals, a multi-level review of criteria is also under way by the DSM-5 Task Force, a Scientific Review Committee, and a Clinical and Public Health Committee. These separate reviews may provide further direction for the recommendations ultimately submitted by the DSM-5 Task Force to the APA Board of Trustees late this year.

Other information about DSM-5’s development and contents remains available on the website, including research monographs, commentaries, and frequently asked questions. We will keep our site updated as new publications and information become available. The APA hopes this information will continue to be a helpful resource to clinicians, researchers, students, and to patients and their families.

DSM-5 is scheduled for release in May 2013.


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