Conversations While Driving can be Fatal.


Since using a telephone whilst driving has been made illegal, hands free sets for mobiles have been a great and legal way to have conversations with friends and family whilst on the move. But scientists believe that this may not be a suitable alternative.

Paul Atchley of the University of Kansas says “All the studies that have been done by cognitive psychologists or that have looked at phone records have found that hands-free and handheld [phone use] lead to the same amount of risk while driving.” So it seems that even by using a hands free set you are still at the same risk of fatality as you would by texting on your mobile phone.

It has been suggested that the act of having a conversation is what causes the problem. Our brains are not able to multitask in this way. Conversations can distract our brain from the important task; focusing on the road and driving safely. In person conversations with a passenger aren’t such a problem, as in these circumstances we are able to stop the conversation and re-focus when we need to.

From this, it seems, that drivers should avoid using both mobiles and hands free sets to ensure a safe journey.


Written by: Philippa Berry

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