Monthly Archive: April, 2013

Simple Statistics.

As a psychology student, statistics are my worst nightmare. But I have put together a few things to remember when trying to decide which stats test to use and when. This is a… Continue reading

Don’t Let a Lack of Sleep Affect Your Day

  It’s a common phenomenon; waking up in the early hours of the morning, and struggling to get back to sleep. We have all experienced it, some more than others. And most of… Continue reading

More Than One Type of Fun?

  When analyzing why people spend so much time watching TV, and how that fits into our day-to-day happiness, Gretchen Rubin broke “fun” down into the following three types… The first is CHALLENGING… Continue reading

Are Your Daily Hassles Making You Depressed?

  It is easy for us to forget the importance of the little challenges we face everyday.  We tend to put the blame of our stress and sadness on the bigger life events… Continue reading

  • Philippa Berry

    Bsc(Hons) Psychology, Mental and Physical Health at the University of Reading. Interested in Occupational Therapy, and Developmental and Social Psychology.