Is it Time to Keep Textbooks Simple?



Research is now suggesting that the way textbooks are laid out may actually hinder learning, rather than aiding it. Particularly in the case of young children, the use of multiple colours may be distracting and cause children to be more focused on the appearance of the page rather than the information they are learning.

This is also the case for pictures. Too many pictures on a page, while engaging for the child, also causes distraction. Although children are engaged with the text, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are paying attention to, or processing, the information on the page that they are intended to.

This brings to mind a time from my childhood, when we were learning Science in high school. When given the textbooks to read during the lesson, we would proceed to flick through the pages and point out pictures we thought were funny (particularly on the pages regarding reproduction). So this goes to show the power of distractions when it comes to learning. Even now I feel distracted by textbooks that are too visually loud, with too many colours and text boxes. So there must be at least some truth to this new research.

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Written by: Philippa Berry

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