What Does Your Beard Say About You?



This one was just for fun, I hope you appreciate it.

While there are many men who take pride in a clean shave, especially those business types who like to be smart for the office, there are also many men who like to show off their facial hair with pride. I mean, why not? It’s a natural part of your face, so what’s wrong with showing it off? But either way, the length/style/colour of ones beard could be sending out messages that you are not even aware of.

So, after reading this article on spring.org.uk, I thought it may be of use to some of you. Here are four signals your facial hair could be giving without you knowing….

1. Attractive.

Research into the appeal of beards to women seems to be inconclusive. Some studies have suggested that beards are appealing to women (great!) while others suggest that we prefer a clean shaven man on our arm. However, one thing that seems to be agreed on is the benefit of stubble.

But even in this case it isn’t that simple. As there is still the difference between light stubble and heavy stubble.

So, to be safe, try growing your facial hair. Start out with a light stubble, grow into a heavy stubble and finally into a full beard. This way you can judge for yourself which one you lady likes and stick to it – a social psychological experiment in your own home!

2. You are older, more aggressive and have a higher social status.

It was discovered by Dixson and Vasey (2012) that women in some countries would consider a man with a beard as older than their true age, and of higher social status.

In some cases I would have to agree with this, as for my age group having a beard is something older men do – but whether each particular man looks older is down to that man. As for the social status, it would depend on how the man grooms himself. If you don’t look after our beard you can look pretty rough, and that isn’t really what you’re going for (I hope). However, a well groomed beard can make a man look extremely elegant, and more classy than someone who is clean shaven.

But, remember, that is just my opinion. I am sure there are many people out there who would disagree.

As for aggression, I can’t say I have ever thought of a man with a beard as looking aggressive. However, research has also shown that a man with a beard (when he is angry) looks more aggressive than a man who is clean shaven. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are hiding a large part of their face, or that there is more of a focus on their eyes? But one thing is for sure – I am not going to test this one out. I will leave that to the scientists!

3. Good with babies.

Back to Dixson and Vasey (2012), who found that women perceive men with beards to good with babies (watch out men!). It seems that beards act as a ‘good daddy signal’ (as suggested on spring.org.uk), and as these men look older and of higher status it could be that these men are more likely to provide for there offspring.

However, you should be aware that in their study they used pictures of bearded men smiling – which probably made them look a lot more warm and welcoming in the eyes of their participants. Whether this actually had an effect we don’t know, but it is a strong suggestion.

While I have never explicitly looked at a man with a beard and thought ‘I bet he’d be great with kids!’, it is definitely a stereotype that I would support. Whilst the beard is a sign of masculinity, it’s also a sign of fatherhood, and wisdom. I guess I’m trying to say that I wouldn’t mind having a child with a man with a beard.

But, what about you?

4. Physically advantaged, or disadvantaged?

Time for some evolutionary psychology now (I’ll try to keep it light, stick with it). The beard can be seen as a lions mane – a way of showing off your beauty and your ability to grow a beard. On one hand you could view it as an overcompensation. What is this man trying to hide?

It could also be seen as a way of showing off your power. As beards can be used against you in a fight (e.g. it can be pulled really hard and make your eyes water), having a longer beard could be a way of saying ‘you could use my beard against me, but I will still kick your butt!’


So, what do you think your beard says about you? Are you a lion showing off his mane? A good father? Or an aggressive man?

But one question I do have for all you bearded men out there; what do you do when you spill your food on your beloved facial hair?


Written by: Philippa Berry

Source. (Thank you for the awesome post!)

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