Which Female Archetype Are You?


There are many reasons why men and women are attracted to each other – and why different people seem to work well as a couple. However, in an article by Rhonda Court for World of Psychology, there are apparently four important parts of the female personality that stand out to men, and that attract men to women.

All women possess all four, but some are more dominant than others. So which one describes you the best?

1. The Femina

Women dominant in this archetype are stylish, sophisticated, and love luxury. Men find them strong, yet open, and vulnerable, and self supportive. These women are highly feminine, and sensual by nature.

Men are drawn to this archetype because they are not shy about ‘showing off’ their beauty. Femina’s dress well to accentuate their best features, but not for the benefit of men – femina’s do this for themselves. If you want to increase this archetype, try to dress up your good features. This will show that you are confident and that you are proud of your looks.

Famous Femina: Halle Berry

2. The Islander

Women dominant in this archetype are warm, colourful and energetic. Fun, and adventure define these women – they stand out from the crowd and do not confirm to the ways of others.

Men are attracted to Islanders, as they mix things up – they are never boring. Islanders are like a breath of fresh air, and they are full of surprises. You will never hear an Islander say no to going away for the weekend, or swimming in the ocean fully clothed because they have just got their hair done.

Be open for anything; the embodiment of carpe diem. This doesn’t mean always saying yes, but it does mean being a bit more breezy.

Famous Islander: Shakira

3.The Regal

Women dominant in this archetype know their power, and freely exercise it. These women need a very strong alpha male to be their partner. Regal’s know what they want, and know how to get it.

Men are drawn to Regal women because it takes her a while to open up. She is mysterious and desirable. Try to listen 80% and talk 20% – men want to feel heard just as much as women do, just try not to interrogate him!

Famous Regal: Beyonce

4. The Entrepreneur

Women dominant in this archetype are intelligent and independent. She needs a strong alpha male to help her build her empire; someone who can take initiative.

Men DO like strong and confident women. Men are attracted to women who continue to grow intellectually and always have something new to share. Try investing in self growth – learn new things, like a new language or a new hobby. Traveling is also a great way to grow intellectually; experience new cultures and new things.

Famous Entrepreneur: Oprah Winfrey.


When all four archetypes are used together you gain an irresistible confidence and energy that men find attractive. Don’t take it too seriously though, this is a psychology blog not a dating bible.


Written by: Philippa Berry

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