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Sensory Processing

If you are an OT, sensory processing is a term that you probably know quite well. It’s something I have heard a lot about during my internship, but have never really understood what… Continue reading

Light Boxes – Do It Yourself

Light boxes are such a useful tool for therapy, and are so easy to make. That’s right, you don’t even need to spend a fortune buying a ready made one – it is… Continue reading

Emotion Regulation – World Mental Health Day

So, as it is World Mental Health Day I have decided to write about something that I find very important to mental health and wellbeing; regulating your emotions. Believe it or not, regulating… Continue reading

Music as a Way of Decreasing Perceived Pain in Children

  Music is such a big part of people’s lives – I couldn’t imagine my life without it at all. I have previously posted about how it can be used during therapy sessions… Continue reading

Handwriting Without Tears

  Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) is an amazing curriculum to help children of all ages learn to write properly. From kindergarten to grade 4 there are plenty of useful tips and techniques for… Continue reading

This Floortime Book is a Must!

This book by Stanley Greenspan has been extremely useful to me in understanding more about learning disabilities, as well as how Floortime can be used by both therapists AND parents. It is even… Continue reading

A Useful Floortime Technique

I have previously posted about the basics of The DIR Floortime model for Occupational Therapy, one that I support wholly, but now I’ve had a chance to research it more and observe it… Continue reading

Using Music During Therapy

I’ve spent a lot of time this last month at an OT clinic in Hong Kong, called SPOT, and one thing I have noticed is the use of music during their sessions. I… Continue reading

New Handwriting App for iPhone!

Taken from: There is a new handwriting app for the iPad, StartDOT, that is worth checking out.  According to the website it was developed by an occupational therapist with 20 years experience… Continue reading

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