Personalised Care For Patients

Personalised Care for Patients. To some this may seem completely simple and obvious, and to others this may seem impossible – however we can all agree that personalised care is important. Each patient… Continue reading

Speech Therapy: The Basics

While I understand the complexity of speech therapy – or not, as I don’t know a lot about speech therapy. But I do know that it is important. And so in the process… Continue reading

Can our Amygdala See?

New research into brain functioning has shown that even when our eyes are closed, there is another part of our brain, separate from the visual cortex, that may be capable of picking up… Continue reading

12 Travel Tips for People with Bipolar Disorder

  I found this article on psychcentral this morning, and thought it may be useful for many people who are travelling this summer. Read the original article here. ———————————————– “Triggers control bipolar disorder,” said Julie A.… Continue reading

5 Ways to Improve Positivity

So, being positive is something I truly struggle with. I find that even when I have had a good day, even an amazing day, I am left with this massive hole inside me… Continue reading

7 Things Music Can Do To Your Body.

I think it’s safe to say that music is a massive part of everyone’s life. You don’t need to be a rock star, or even be able to play an instrument or sing.… Continue reading

An Analogy For Depression

As one of the most common mental disorders all across the world, Depression is pretty much everywhere. But the worst part about it is that it is widely misunderstood. I mean, unless you’ve… Continue reading

Tips for Reducing your Childs Screen Time

Limiting your child’s screen time is a massive issue in many households today – as companies are releasing more and more games and apps that target young children and draw them in. They… Continue reading

Music as a Way of Decreasing Perceived Pain in Children

  Music is such a big part of people’s lives – I couldn’t imagine my life without it at all. I have previously posted about how it can be used during therapy sessions… Continue reading

Just a Bit About Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a topic that is very close to my heart. It’s something I have had issues with my whole life, and now (at 20 years old) I am being forced to… Continue reading

Handwriting Without Tears

  Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) is an amazing curriculum to help children of all ages learn to write properly. From kindergarten to grade 4 there are plenty of useful tips and techniques for… Continue reading

We All Have Feelings, So Express Them

In modern day society, showing your emotions has become harder and harder. Not only do we have to deal with judgement from others, and social inappropriateness, we also have to deal with the… Continue reading

This Floortime Book is a Must!

This book by Stanley Greenspan has been extremely useful to me in understanding more about learning disabilities, as well as how Floortime can be used by both therapists AND parents. It is even… Continue reading

What Does Your Beard Say About You?

  This one was just for fun, I hope you appreciate it. While there are many men who take pride in a clean shave, especially those business types who like to be smart… Continue reading

New Research: The Origin of a Key Symptom of Autism

One of the many big problems that children suffering from autism face is the inability to understand/grasp the social and emotional aspects of human speech. This issue fuels the problems they have in… Continue reading

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    Bsc(Hons) Psychology, Mental and Physical Health at the University of Reading. Interested in Occupational Therapy, and Developmental and Social Psychology.
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