Developmental Roots of Depression?

  It has now been suggested, by two recent studies, that the mental disorder, depression, has developmental roots. The first study, by Moore and colleagues (2012), focused on depressive rumination. This is the… Continue reading

Develop Your Intuition.

    It is widely believed that the “wise inner guiding system” that we call “intuition” is something that everyone has. We all use it in our day-to-day lives, helping us to make… Continue reading

Lose Yourself Through Giving

Taken from “I used to have a friend who often neglected herself. She put other people’s needs first. She gave up her time and energy not because she was selfless, but because… Continue reading

CBT as a Treatment for Diabetes Neuropathies.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a treatment actively used to treat mental health disorders, such as depression. It teaches patients valuable skills needed in order to tackle the tasks and issues faced in… Continue reading

Does ADHD Need Treating Into Adulthood?

Up until recently, the focus of ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) treatment has been on dealing with the symptoms in children. However, the first large follow up study of children with ADHD, led by… Continue reading

Is it Time to Get Active?

I found this article on Beyond Blue‘s site this morning, and thought some of you might appreciate it. It isn’t very often that you find help for depression in a diet book, but… Continue reading

Is Your D.O.B a Factor in Your Life Happiness and Well Being?

Researchers in the US are saying that happiness and life satisfaction can increase as we get older. As well as this, overall well-being can depend on when we are born.  Two large scale… Continue reading

Does Optimism Have Benefits?

  In conjunction with a previous post I’ve made (Optimism, or Pessimism) the Atlantic has posted this article about the benefits of optimism. It seems that there are some conflicting views about the… Continue reading

A Neurobiological Graphic Novel

The Guardian has a video about the collaboration between neuroscientist Hana Ros and artist Matteo Farinella as they’ve been working on the neurocomic project to create a brain science graphic novel. The finished… Continue reading

Diagnosis, and Treatment of Mental Disorders.

  When you think there is something wrong with your mind, it’s likely that you will want to get some kind of help for it. But when it comes to your mind and… Continue reading

Facial visualizations of women’s voices suggest a cross-modality preference for femininity

Women with higher-pitched voices and more feminine facial features are commonly judged as being more attractive than are women with lower-pitched voices and less feminine faces, possibly because both features are affected by… Continue reading

Close Personal Relationships and Learning Disabilities

The link between relationships and learning disabilities is one that has been investigated a lot over the years. Mainly this has involved the attachments that children with learning disabilities develop with their mothers.… Continue reading

Optimism, or Pessimism?

“Older people who have low expectations for a satisfying future may be more likely to live longer, healthier lives than those who see brighter days ahead, according to new research published by the… Continue reading

To Vaccinate, or Not To Vaccinate?

Did you inoculate your child against swine flu in 2009? Researchers have now found that there may be a link between the swine flu vaccine and the development of narcolepsy in children who received the inoculation.… Continue reading

Method-Of-Loci as a Tool for Depression.

  Depression is tough, especially when it comes to thinking positively – a crucial part of dealing with issues and problems life may throw at you. But new research has highlighted a memory… Continue reading

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