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Light Boxes – Do It Yourself

Light boxes are such a useful tool for therapy, and are so easy to make. That’s right, you don’t even need to spend a fortune buying a ready made one – it is… Continue reading

Emotion Regulation – World Mental Health Day

So, as it is World Mental Health Day I have decided to write about something that I find very important to mental health and wellbeing; regulating your emotions. Believe it or not, regulating… Continue reading

Mindfulness – A Useful Tool for Children

Susan Kaiser Greenland, author of The Mindful Child: How to Help Your Kid Manage Stress and Become Happier, Kinder and More Compassionate, says that when children are over-tired, anxious or stressed out it… Continue reading

Jamie is 13 and hasn’t even kissed a girl. But he’s now on the Sex Offender Register after online porn warped his mind…

I found this article by John Woods on the Daily Mail both extremely shocking an extremely interesting. I urge you to take a look yourselves, so have posted the link to the full… Continue reading

The Importance of Listening

Shy children are everywhere – it is a common temperament for children to have. Some children grow out of it throughout their school years, and some don’t. But the question is, how do… Continue reading

Personalise your patient care; It’s important!

To some this may seem completely simple and obvious, and to others this may seem impossible – however we can all agree that personalised care is important. Each patient is different – obviously… Continue reading

Music as a Way of Decreasing Perceived Pain in Children

  Music is such a big part of people’s lives – I couldn’t imagine my life without it at all. I have previously posted about how it can be used during therapy sessions… Continue reading

Using Music During Therapy

I’ve spent a lot of time this last month at an OT clinic in Hong Kong, called SPOT, and one thing I have noticed is the use of music during their sessions. I… Continue reading

Is it Time to Keep Textbooks Simple?

  Research is now suggesting that the way textbooks are laid out may actually hinder learning, rather than aiding it. Particularly in the case of young children, the use of multiple colours may… Continue reading

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