Monthly Archive: September, 2013

Which Female Archetype Are You?

There are many reasons why men and women are attracted to each other – and why different people seem to work well as a couple. However, in an article by Rhonda Court for… Continue reading

The Importance of Listening

Shy children are everywhere – it is a common temperament for children to have. Some children grow out of it throughout their school years, and some don’t. But the question is, how do… Continue reading

Personalise your patient care; It’s important!

To some this may seem completely simple and obvious, and to others this may seem impossible – however we can all agree that personalised care is important. Each patient is different – obviously… Continue reading

Speech Therapy: The Basics

While I understand the complexity of speech therapy – or not, as I don’t know a lot about speech therapy. But I do know that it is important. And so in the process… Continue reading

  • Philippa Berry

    Bsc(Hons) Psychology, Mental and Physical Health at the University of Reading. Interested in Occupational Therapy, and Developmental and Social Psychology.